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Fundação do Gil was recognized as of being of public utility under the Executive Law no. 460/77, from November 7, by an order of His Excellency the Prime Minister published in the Official Newspaper (Diário da República) Series II, no. 29, of February 4, 2002.

All donations are tax deductible and are fully used to support the mission and the daily work of the organization. Donation can be made by bank transfer to:

Bank Name:  Caixa Geral de Depósitos

IBAN:          PT50 0035 0557 00034200530 79



The most original gift for all ages!

It is a non-nominative card that can be offered and charged with one of these five values: 15€, 25€, 50€, 100€ and 150€.

Whoever receives the card can spend the amount wherever he/she wants - provided it is one of the more than 50.000 establishments points of sale. This is a very convenient way to use the card to purchase goods or services in different points of sale around the country.

This Gift Card is also an excellent way to support Fundação do Gil since for each card that you buy or offer the foundations receives 2€ (cost of the card).

You can support Fundação do Gil by calling our value added number : 760 100 330. The cost of each call is 0.60€ + VAT , 0.50€ goes to activities our foundation.

The Portuguese state allows 0.5% of paid Income Tax to be converted into a donation to all eligible charities. Fundação do Gil is one of the charities that can receive donations through the Annual Income Tax declaration.

To do so, the tax payer just needs to enter his/her NIPC 504729292 in Field 1101, Table 11, Form 3.

A simple procedure that will have a positive impact in work of Fundação do Gil.

The book "Eu Ajudo", written by Radio Comercial's Team and designed by Nuno Markl is on sale all over the country.

Royalties and 2% of sales will be to the Gil Foundation.

11 artists, 11 songs, 11 causes. The album "Passa a Outro e não ao Mesmo" is a project of the Platform Eu Ajudo - Rádio Comercial.

The Gil Foundation was chosen by Love Electro. Buy your CD now.

"The Box of Sweet Dreams" Sofia Aureliano and graphics Estela Baptista Costa, is a story that has the precious help of boys and girls living in Gil's House. Revenues from book sales fully allocated to the Gil Foundation. You can order your copy with the Gil Foundation.

We are conducting visits to schools to present the book "The Case Sweet Dreams".

If you are an educator / teacher (Lisbon region) and would welcome the visit of Gil and the story "The Case Sweet Dreams", please contact us by 21 3552450 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for scheduling, orders and information.

Chicken Chicos created the cutiest Baby Gil bib for babies… and toddlers!

For each item sold Chicken Chicos donates 1€ to Fundação do Gil.

For further information go to www.chickenchicos.com/pt 


Containers from Sarah Trading receive clothing, shoes, toys, home textile items and school supplies. For each ton of clothing and footwear received Fundação do Gil gets 25€

Currently these containers can be found in the municipalities of Azambuja , Montijo, Parque das Nações and Arrouquelas. There are also containers available in in the following locations: Belas Clube de Campo; Espazo; Funland; Externato the Magic Cottage; Atlantic College; Nursery Dream Power and Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon.

For each awning protection sold Toldo Design donates 5€ to Fundação do Gil.

An initiative that runs all year long and that contributes to the organization’s mission.

Donations through Payshop Fundação do Gil can receive donations through Payshop´s payment system. Anyone can do it with ease. Just go to one of 3.600 Payshop agents and specify the amount you wish to donate (minimum amount is 1€).

Visit: www.payshop.pt 

Since 2004 we collect used toners and cartridges in companies, public agencies and other entities.  Fundação do Gil receives a portion of the funds resulting from the sale of material for recycling. 

A simple gesture that helps the environment and the children supported through Fundação do Gil.

To learn more send us your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In several hotel units customers can at check-out add 1€ to their bill and contribute to Fundação do Gil daily work and mission.

If you have an hotel and wish to get involved in this initiative, or others, please contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.