Domestic Pediatric care

Chronic illnesses may prolong the period of time at the hospital, which brings on an emotional and financial overload on the family and hospital resources.

The ongoing need for pediatric domestic health care may avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and prevent, at the origin, the psychological degradation of the child and their family.

Focused on a multidisciplinary approach, the domestic pediatric care teams, in partnership with hospitals, raise the comfort levels, control symptoms and administer the necessary therapies and treatments in a more protected and personalised environment for the child in need.

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The domestic pediatric care at “Fundação do gil” has been working since 2006 in partnership with the national public hospitals:

Hospital Dona Estefânia (Lisboa)
Hospital Fernando da Fonseca (Lisboa)
Hospital de Santa Maria (Lisboa)
Hospital de S. João (Porto)
Centro Materno Infantil do Norte – CMIN

At the end of 2017 the first units of integrated domestic pediatric care, were put in place, which included Cuidados Paliativos Pediátricos, in partnership with:

Hospital de S. João (Porto)
Centro Materno Infantil do Norte – CMIN

Through this project, we have been able to improve the general state of the children’s health, fermenting the social capacity of the family and allow a better emotional balance and all that is associated with it, namingly:


· Stabilization of the illnesses;
· Reduction in the number of hospital admissions;
· Improvement of the physical well-being of the child.


· Empowerment of the primary caregiver and family empowerment;
· Prevention of psychosocial degradation and social exclusion;
· Advertisement of reintegration to an active life;
· Feasibility of returning to school.


· Increase in the self-esteem of the caregiver and the family;
· Improvement of the parental relationships and family dynamics;
· Increase in the feeling of support through technical accompaniment and contact with groups of parents.

Without the domestic pediatric care at “Fundação do Gil”many children would have been forced to remain hospitalized, for undefined periods of time, until the time where the family was capable to guarantee their clinical, social and emotional progress.

Proven Results

· 45% reduction in the frequency of re-hospitalizations;
· 62% increase in the emotional well-being of children;
· 48% increase in the children’s physical health;
· 46% increase in family’s clinical autonomy;
· 42% increase in the level.

Source: Avaliation SROI

The project has given proof of being highly effici​ent in improving child’s comfort and quality of life as well as optimizing family and hospital resources.

The benefits generated for the child, the family and the hospital environment have been recognized successively by partners, health sector entities and international organizations.

Our partners

Foster Home

Also known as “Casa do Gil”, our foster home is intended for children ages 0-12, who have found themselves in social and/or clinical risk and cannot return (immediately) to their families.

Made up of a team of specialized professionals, the house works mainly three key aspects in the childhood and youth: Health, education and psychosocial accompaniment.

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· Guarantee the immediate satisfaction of the child’s basic needs (food, hygiene, health, physical and emotional wellbeing);

· Follow-up of child’s emotional well being by using specialized support;

· Referrals to empower careers, through the acquisition of new skills; job seeking orientation; legal counseling; home economics counseling (rights and obligations);

· Articulation with the private and/or public entities, available in the community, to ensure the child’s full integration in society and secure it’s life project.


· Child’s educational monitoring, every moment of it’s stay in the Casa, in order to promote it’s physical, cognitive and emotional development;

· School studies’ support and guidance in coordination with the school that is attended, or with the DGEstE;

· Participation in various fun-learning activities that will promote the child’s healthy growth, both individually and in a group;

· Articulation with the educational community, in order to find new solutions that focus on the enrichment and strengthening of the fostered child development (Leisure Activities, Development Centers, Cultural Centers, Museums, Parish Council, Parish).


· Health care given in articulation with the hospital of reference and health center;

· Enable a healthy and age appropriate diet;

· Monitoring of child’s mental and/or emotional health using external partnerships.

Childhood Development

According to the world health organization, one in every 5 children present evidence of mental health issues. This is a statistic that is likely to increase. Of these children almost half suffer from a psychiatric disorder that without the adequate help can progress into serious issues in their adult life.

The “Fundação do Gil” will build a space dedicated to child development. It will be a space that is open to the whole community, offering appointments in the areas of child development and mental health.

A group of specialized therapists will follow the children and families that present difficulties in the education and social integration plan, arising from physical, emotional and behavioral problems.

The technical team will allow a specialized and integrated intervention in the family, social, psychosocial and therapeutic plan.

Therapies available:
· Psychology clinic
· Psychosocial
· Speech therapy
· Special education
· Occupational therapy
· Amongst others

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