The Gil Foundation was recognized as a legal person of public interest and is under the patronage law, Law 460/77 of November 7, by order of His Excellency the Prime Minister published in DR No. 29, Series II, of 4th February 2002.

In this way, the donations granted to support the projects developed by the Gil Foundation may be included in the tax benefits provided in the Statute of Patronage and their donation can be made by bank transfer to:

Banco Montepio - IBAN: PT50003600009910588850751 | BIC SWIFT: MPIOPTPL

Caixa Geral de Depósitos - IBAN: PT50003505570003420053079 | BIC SWIFT: CGDIPTPL

Gil's gift card

The most original gift (and solidarity) for all ages!

It is a non-nominative card that can be offered and loaded with one of these five values: € 15, € 25, € 50, € 100 and € 150.

Those who receive the card can spend this amount with whatever they want and where they want (as long as it is at one of the more than 50,000 Visa sites).

And who buys is helping the Gil Foundation with € 2 (cost of the card).

Donations by MB Way

You can make donations to the Gil Foundation simply and quickly through the MB Way application.

Just dial 933 330 133 and indicate the amount you wish to donate.

Book “Prata, pratinha, pratão !”

"Prata, pratinha, pratão!" Shows another side of the actress Sara Prata: Her cooking side. It contains healthy recipes for adults and children, very easy to make and even easier to eat. Its debut in this field could not have gone better, since the publication was named for the International Oscars of Kitchen in the category of first book.

All of the royalties revert to the Gil Foundation, so if you buy it, you're already helping.

On sale at bookstores and hypermarkets.

Kid to kid's Campaign

It is taking place in 2018 at Kid to Kid stores, a campaign to support the Gil Foundation.

For each bag that customers choose not to take, Kid to Kid will donate 0.05 € for the UMAD - Household Support project. Get Involved!

Added Value Call Number

You can support us with only 60 cents, through our Optimus value added line: 760 100 330 - Cost of each call 0.60 € + VAT (retails 0,50 € for the Gil Foundation).

IRS Settlement

The State allows 0.5% of our IRS paid to become a donation to a Public Utility, and the Gil Foundation is already covered by this possibility.

Simply state our NIPC 504729292 in Field 1101, Table 11, Model 3.

It is very simple and this little gesture can make a difference in our mission of providing social support to chronically ill children and their families.

The Good Dreams Box (Gil goes to schools)

"The Good Dream Box" by Sofia Aureliano and with illustrations by Estela Baptista Costa, is a story that counts with the precious help of the boys and the girls who live in the House of the Gil. Revenues from book sales are fully reimbursed to the Gil Foundation. You can order your copy from the Gil Foundation.

We are making visits to schools to present the book "The Good Dream Box".

If you are an educator / teacher (Lisbon region) and would like to receive a visit from Gil and the story "The Good Dream Box", please contact us at 21 3552450 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for scheduling, orders information.

Collection of clothing and footwear

Sarah Trading containers receive clothing, footwear, toys, home textiles and school supplies, and support the Gil Foundation.

These containers can now be found in the counties of Azambuja and Montijo, in the parishes of Parque das Nações and Arrouquelas, and also in the following places: Belas Clube de Campo; Espazo; Funland; Externato the Little Magic House; Colégio Atlântico; Creche Poder Sonhar and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon.

Toldo Design

Rain or shine, for every awning sold, Toldo Design donates € 5 to Fundação do Gil.

Payshop Donations

The Gil Foundation is one of the institutions that can receive donations from the Payshop payment system.

Anyone can do it with the greatest ease. Just go to one of the 3600 Payshop agents and tell us how much you want to give (minimum 1 euro).