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Casa do Gil is a foster center for children, aged from 0-12 years old, that are at risk and who need a temporary support platform until their health is reestablished and their basic social conditions are fully guaranteed.

The main goal of the house is to provide multi-disciplinary support for both children and their families. If on the one hand medical care is provided to monitor the child’s health condition, on the other, a group of professionals from different domains, works in parallel with the family in order to reestablish the necessary conditions that will allow the reintegration of the child into society, with no further setbacks.

The center receives children that are referenced by the Portuguese public hospitals to the national social welfare service, and who need close monitoring and immediate professional support. Nearly every child accompanied by Casa do Gil return to their core family, and only 1% to 3% percent is redirected to other institutions.  

Casa do Gil is still the only foster center in Portugal that has a permanent medical care service, available 24h a day throughout 365 days per year.  

This project represents a unique response to children, who are at the edge of social exclusion or at health risk. An effective, although temporary, alternative to long-term hospitalization, or a life of exclusion, and until the foundations for recovering a more normal pace of life are fully set.


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Casa do Gil - Miriam 2017, a real case testimonial

Gil's House is a house that welcomes children, but not only children, also welcomes and helps parents in all that is needed. They taught me to deal with Miriam, taught me to take care of her situation, dealing with her problem [...] they gave me confidence, they gave me support, they gave me strength [...] 


Miriam's mother



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