Gil’s House is a Temporary Reception Center, which is intended for the reception of children between the ages of 0 and 12, who are at social and/or clinical risk and therefore can not return (immediately ) to their families until all the necessary conditions have been fulfilled for this purpose.

Composed of a team of specialized professionals, the House works on three key aspects in childhood and youth: health, education and psychosocial accompaniment.

The average length of stay at Gil’s House is 10 months prior to full reintegration into the family or in society.

For each child welcomed at Casa do Gil, an Individual Educational and Social Plan has been designed with a view to achieving the child life project:



  • Suppression of needs: Ensure immediate suppression of the child's basic needs (food, hygiene, health, and physical and emotional stabilization);
  • Psychosocial support: emotional accompaniment of the child;
  • Referral to the training of caregivers, with a view to acquiring new skills; job search guidance; legal advice; (rights and duties) counseling for the family economy;
  • Networking: articulation with public and/or private entities available in the community to ensure the full integration of the child into society and ensure their life project.



  • Educational accompaniment of the child at all times of his stay in the House with a view to his physical, cognitive and emotional development;
  • Study follow-up and school guidance in coordination with the attendance school or DGEstE;
  • Carrying out of various educational and playful activities that promote healthy child growth both individually and in groups;
  • Articulation with the educational community with a view to seeking new responses aimed at enriching and strengthening the development of the foster child (ATL, Development Centers, Cultural Centers, Museums, Local Council, Parish).



  • Providing health care to children with illness or with clinical fragility;
  • Daily monitoring of the health status of the child by the resident nursing team and in articulation with the reference hospital or health center;
  • Provide a healthy diet appropriate to their age group;
  • Monitoring the mental and/or emotional health of children using external partnerships.


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