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Mobile Care Units

Fundação do Gil Mobile Pediatric Care Units operate in partnership with different public hospitals in Lisbon and O’Porto, and are aimed at providing medical care, and social support, at home to children suffering from chronic diseases or with severe health problems.

Estimations show that there are about 6.000 children in Portugal suffering from chronic diseases, and are therefore eligible for this type of care. However, some of these patients do not need to be hospitalized; they can be treated at home if they have the adequate housing conditions or if their families are capable of guaranteeing their basic needs - proper housing, medication, food, education, emotional stability.

The fact is that some of these conditions are not always met, thus preventing the child from returning home and forcing them to long-term hospitalizations.

Based on this evidence, Fundação do Gil launched in 2006 a project aimed at solving some of these challenges by allowing patients to leave hospital but to keep on being treated and monitored at their homes. Each of Fundação do Gil mobile units operate with a medical team, a social team and case coordinator. Together, they provide the appropriate treatment at home, and guarantee that the family is capable of taking care of the child.

The project has received both national and international recognition as being one of the most effective projects in pediatric care in Portugal, with proven benefits to the overall well-being of the child and of the family. The UMAD will now gradually evolve to a more specialized palliative care approach and philosophy.

Since it was created the project provided support to about 5.000 children, suffering from chronic diseases.


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